Sunday, July 21, 2013

Finds Unearthed From Horror Monster

 Those of you who read my blog know that Horror Monster is the name of my stash of craft supplies, vintage finds, furniture, luggage, and, well, just about everything.  He creeps and skulks about the house in every room and closet. The last few months I have been using up as many things as possible to reduce the scale of Horror Monster.

Here are a few things discovered anew.  These two primitive toy carts are so adorable and at one time played a part in summer and winter decor, but both have been hidden away for a couple of years.  Best to let someone else love them.  All hand-carved and pieced together.  The top one is a wagon.  This one is like a lumber cart.  I used it to hold tiny Christmas trees.  I waxed them and sent them over to my booth at Riverfront Antique Mall.

 You will be surprised to note I am once again dipping into my pile of luggage and leather cases.

Here are a few I cleaned up and tagged for sale.

This small satchel - great for art journals

A vintage look, but it is new.

 A trio of cases - all at one time held various supplies.

Off to the booth.

I even took a few more pieces.

I may have lost my head over cutting down this section of Horror Monster.

BUT  I can always rebuild!


An update on vintage finds:  the black night stand, the two red tobacco drying racks, and the pet carrier.  Read Fleaing Springfield here!

Here they are getting ready to be thoroughly cleaned, de-skunkified, and waxed. 

A job well-done!

Distressed Donna nods in agreement in the background.

She doesn't like my junk blocking her view of the street.

Look at the rustic beauty of those racks.

Look at the soft gleam of the black on the cabinet, er, night stand, er, actually it is part of one of those vintage vanities.  There was only one and no mirror.

The pet carrier cleaned up nicely.

I can just see this on a porch with terra cotta pots stacked in it.

OOOH!  Poinsettias at Christmas!

NO! A bunch of old spindles with tattered tags attached to them!

If I don't stop, I am going over to the booth and bring all this back home.

That would certainly defeat the purpose of all this cleaning.

As things get moved out, I am surprised at the size of our house.  There is room in places I did not remember there being room!

So did I go forth and shop the five fantastic estate sales advertised this weekend?

No, I did not.  I did buy five Jello molds for a quarter and a bottle.  Yep, that is all.

Cross my rustic racks!

See y'all!

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  1. Well, I think you are right. You can rebuild your monster. Let him go, one bit at a time. Although, I am sorry to see the little cart for the trees go. Even so, the space you are discovering must be well worth the sacrifice of junk. I long for my space back. Enjoy!

  2. I love that first leather bag....the shape is wonderful! I just might have to buy that one if I lived closer! Everything cleaned up nicely and I'm sure they will all fly out of the shop...:) Those toys are so sweet...I bet they did look great in vignettes. Isn't it nice though getting rid of stuff and making room?

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. There's something very liberating about getting rid of stuff and making space. I think we all need space. But somehow, for me, it feels even more liberating to find fabulous new stuff. It's the constant circle of a thrifter's life. lol. I adore that pet carrier!

  4. There's nothing liberating about getting rid of things you love Tuula LOL -
    I go through withdrawal ( literally ) every time something goes -
    But she's right about finding great stuff to replace it :)
    So Donna - what are YOU going to do with all the space?

  5. I can't believe your niece didn't snag that leather satchel for her art stuff! I'm glad you're still working your way through your horror monster. I'm about to start a little clean up of my own and I'll be thinking of you for encouragement!

  6. Heavens Lady!!!! I am afraid that I would have kept some of the Beautiful things which you took to your booth!!!
    Donna, If the Pet carrier does not sell, you could always use it to display items in, as you said...Spindles with tattered tags, or some such item would look so nice.
    The Wagon and Lumber Cart would be Perfect to use for Displays this fall in your Booth.
    UGH, don't mind me!!! I just Love what you are letting go of!!! Take Care :-)

  7. Hi Donna ... good for you to be able to weed out your collections to just make room for more. Believe me, I do the same thing. At least you have a store to sell them.
    Take care,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. I love to clear out space. My laundry room got cleaned last week and I found a quilt top. Love the suitcases. I did not go to estate sales either :{


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