Monday, March 18, 2013

Small Scale Thrifting

It was small scale thrifting for me this past week.  You know I blew my March budget at the first of March so I am limping along hamstrung by an empty wallet.  I did manage to score some bargains.

A quick Goodwill trip netted another of those pedestals created by someone.  See the other one here!

There are three silverplate tops - butter, cream and sugar.  Is it too late to join the silver-on-walls train?

A green wire basket already properly distressed with a small Buffalo China bowl - I can never pass them up.  The square heavy glass container looked like it needed to come home with me to help organize Horror Monster.

Hello, Kitty!  These next two are way out of my comfort zone usually.  Late fifties and early sixties kitsch is coming into style around here.  A lot of young people think this is vintage.  I just think it is stuff I grew up with!

So last century!

This photo is not out of focus.  The pink kitty is created from plush, pink fake fur on black velvet with black plastic eyes.

However, if this isn't your speed, the frame is beautiful.

White and gold with the right amount of an decorative edge to distress.  

I'd probably throw the kitty to the curb and do something with the frame, but I am taking it to the shop just like it is.  I hope someone will adopt her soon . . .

 . . . along with the precious poodles print.  I just missed the companion piece (kitties, of course).  Someone was buying it when I found this one.  Why would they break up a set?

These pups have love in their eyes.

I have a collection at the booth of a vintage pink prom dress and some pink and green furniture.  I think these will fit right in.

I am looking for a table and vanity bench just like these!

 A white woven hamper holds a mess of maps, a pate pan, a bundt pan, and the round floral print.  The print is nothing to write home about, but I love the aged white (dirt and grime) of the frame.

 After looking for quite awhile for a vintage Bingo game and finding one, I came across another one along with two HI-Q games and an Aggravation.

I love the look of the boxes and so sorry, folks, I plan to demolish them for their parts.  

If they were in better shape, I would sell them whole.

Habitat was having a thrift-tossing and had started filling the dumpster and adding to the free pile.  If I had been a bad, bad girl and forgotten I was trying my best to downsize my junk, I could have filled both trucks.

If you are not sure what a thrift tossing is,  please read here!

BUT I was good and only grabbed this beveled mirror attached to a shelf.  I tore off the shelf and thought this would be perfect for a dresser I had.  Alas, it was three inches too long and three inches too short at its width.

Yes, the mirror is filthy, but it does seem to photograph better when dirty!

At the estate sale where I found the games, I found this leather handkerchiefs box with two lace hankies and a tartan plaid one ("From Oban" embroidered on it with flowers).

This is my favorite for the week.  I love glove boxes and hankie boxes even though I use neither.

I will be keeping a few of these items - at least for a month or two and selling the rest once they are cleaned and tagged.  Small scale thrifting can be almost as fun as filling the truck.  But I cannot promise I will not fall off the wagon - I have many time before!

See y'all!

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  1. LOVE the hankie boxes!!! You have some really great places to shop up there1!! :)

  2. Thrifting for the small stuff can be so much fun.. you never know what you'll find. I just love that green wire basket, and I've never seen a hankie box before. Don't worry if you fall off the wagon Donna... you can just get back on again.

  3. I think i am over my thrifting budget too. *Sigh* It is always so sad when it goes so quickly. Your little finds are great fun though.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. Whether on or off the wagon, you seem to find cool things to do and collect. The poodle picture has such great colors. I look forward to your adventures in game demolition as you create something new from them. Oh the joys of junk!

  5. Interesting to see your Buffalo China bowl. I found my first piece of Buffalo China Blue Willow about 40 years ago, and have been looking ever since -- only have found two other pieces. Guess it didn't make it's way out west. Wasn't some of it a soap box giveaway or premium of some kind? Thanks for sharing your finds. Sally

  6. Cool finds! I WISH I could find lids like those to go on my lidless apothecary jars. I do love the silver on walls thing, but don't have enough to make a collection yet.

    I love restaurant china, and use it daily. :)


  7. Great finds! I love the vintage poodle prints!

  8. So many great finds, Donna!
    Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  9. I am truly amazed at what you find! Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  10. I need to come upon some old games, haven't found many in a while.... I remember Hi-Q


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