Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Frozen Charlottes Dressed For Easter

 Most of the time my Frozen Charlottes run around in various states of nakedness.  Back in the 1800's when they were made, they were either sewn into dresses or had dresses painted on them.  They were used in dollhouses.

I wanted something different for Easter.  I saw Christina at I Gotta Create make some chenille stem bunny ears and thought they would look cute on the Charlottes.  Read her tutorial here, and while you are there read all her cute projects posts!

Now I couldn't let them roam around with just bunny ears.  Shades of Hugh Hefner, NO!

Mama Charlotte is dressed in a taupe tutu with a pink lace top.  Pink bunny ears for an Easter bonnet.

Now I know most of us seemed destined for a chilly, if not cold Easter Sunday, so I made a pink muff for the dolls to keep their hands  warm. (If they had hands!)

 This little one is hopping off to join the others.  The small ones (about two inches tall ) are dressed in pink lace dresses.

Mama Charlotte watches over her babies neatly tucked into a small blue basket.  They stare in wonder at the giant egg.

(Yes, that is an antler in my Easter vignette.  I just like the color and texture of it next to the Easter grass.)

A bold fashion statement!

 The tiny Charlottes like their new wardrobe.

They are digging those ears and muffs!

Danni from Silo Hill Farm sent me this delightful picture of a zombie rabbit eating a Frozen Charlotte.  Now Danni thinks the Charlottes are creepy with their missing arms or legs or even heads.  I find bunnies slightly creepy because I was attacked by one.

I took no offense at the picture.  In fact I rather like it.  I do love a good zombie.

Danni has started back with her series about bloggers she admires.  It is a great place to meet great bloggers!  Go visit here.

This has been a post of randomness.  It was too cold to paint today and I have become stalled with my projects.  I promise to be back up to speed soon.  No, Chucks has not determined where the water spot on the wall is coming from - I guess the wall is coming down.  

All I wanted was a guest/computer/craft room!

See y'all!

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  1. I just LOVE this. Those baby Charlottes are so cute and the costuming is divine! Next year, let me suggest they they be decked out for Mardi Gras! The nakedness wouldn't matter a bit!!!

  2. Your little Charlottes are just adorable....I love the little faces! Andy their outfits are darling! :)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. Those costumes are adorable! Your Charlottes are all ready for Easter. We had some snow here again today. Not much, but enough to really peeve me off. lol. Sorry about the wall having to come down. That's a real bummer.

  4. Hey Donna; I Love what you have done with your Charlottes, all dressed in their Easter finery.
    I am sorry to hear about the wall coming down. Sigh. Is there any other way that Chucks can try and find out what is going on with that wall?
    Take Care :-)

  5. I had no idea those dolls were intended to be used in doll houses. You learn something new every day! We will have to get Danni some therapy for sure. Grrrr on having to pull the wall down to find the leak!

  6. OK girl...even I have to admit that those little Charlottes are cute all decked out for Easter! I might even like to see one dressed for Halloween! Thanks for the shout out and so sorry about the wall. Bummmer!

  7. The muffs were a brilliant touch. I see a bit of Project Runway influence here. Nothing like a mysterious leak and wall demolition to ruin your plans. Will you leave it down and have a new open floor plan? I guess that wouldn't work, would it? Then you'd have no where to store all those fabulous finds!

  8. This is great! I guess Little Charlottes are somewhat like Peeps at Easter? I did some Peeps Dioramas for my blog but I would LOVE to have a Zombie picture with them! Great set ups you did!

  9. I love the zombie image- I am a twisted nurse after all. The Charlotte's are pretty. I am conflicted on Sunday night between The Walking Dead and The Bible. What to do?


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