Thursday, September 28, 2017

Little Dresses

vintage clothing, tiny dresses, 1950's, estate sale findI was lucky to find a box of tiny dresses from the mid 1950's back in May at an estate sale.

Able to save several.


The before photo was lost but take it from me, they were a mess.

Mice, need I say more?

Soaked them in boiling hot water with OxyClean for several hours.

Then washed and dried them.

Quite successful.

Only had two casualties - shredded.

Not a pretty sight.

This may be my favorite of the bunch.

Or maybe this blue print with a lace collar.

Yellow pinafore dress with pink embroidered flowers.

The top is smocked. 

A cutie! 

Pale pink.

And lace.

Yellow and blue ruffled romper. 

Crossed straps in the back.

Hung on tiny hangers.

No vintage hangers currently in Mini-Monster, my new craft stash.

Horror Monster has left forever.

Little dresses.

Booth W-10 Riverfront Antique Mall North Augusta SC.

See y'all!

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  1. So glad to see you back on Bloglovin. Have missed your articles!

  2. These are adorable! Reminds me of some of my school dresses back in the 1950's. I'm happy you could save them! Hugs!

  3. Super cute. I've got a coat closet full of vintage clothes I need to get to my booth!

  4. So cute...they'll go fast. I always love finding old dresses. :)

  5. What a sweet find! Who wouldn't love those? Cute to decorate with too.

  6. These are adorable. They will sell they are super cute.

  7. Cute find, Donna. And the hot temp wash was probably just like they got back in the day.❤️Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  8. Oh, my goodness...all adorable! Glad you could get them to come clean.

  9. So cute! I probably wore some like that, and my daughter wore some like that. I remember having to sprinkle, refrigerate and iron all of her little dresses. What a treat yours are to see!


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