Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Finds

vintage finds, furniture, baskets, dress form
Yes, I fell off the wagon and shopped from 6AM to 11AM last Saturday. 

I could have filled the truck several times over - bargains galore out there.

However coming home to a clean living room and dining room is keeping me on the straight and narrow - for now!

See there is still space left in the back of the truck.

Though to be totally honest, I filled the front passenger seat.

The first sale had a clever ad in the paper. It started at daylight. If you arrived before sunrise, you were to bring a flashlight and a smile.  I waited until light and met a delightful guy and his family.

I bought the rocker and the bamboo cage from him among other things.

The washstand (currently being updated) and the tin-framed portrait were purchased at an estate sale of a dealer friend who is downsizing.

More from the estate sale.

Put all in the booth and some pieces have sold.

Wish I had kept the huge gray metal tray.

Two Simply Shabby Chic Kids quilts and shams.

A distressed framed board - makeover soon.

A lovely old picnic basket with perfect dark patina.

The woven basket you will see transformed on Sunday's Quickies post.

Saw this sweet shoe form in the thrift shop and could not leave it behind. 

The pink lace dress on the dress form were estate sale buys.  I kept them together for selling in the booth.

The cage on its stand purchased from Mr. Daylight - already in the booth.

The dress form is dark pink so the dress is perfect for it.

A church mission sale netted a big box of vintage books from the 1920's to 1950's. 

A green-checked German suitcase with travel labels and a green/brown plaid interior.

Love the leather strap! 

This mid-century dresser and the signs below were purchased from Mr. Daylight. 

He even packed my truck for me.

Talk about service!

I do not usually express opinions about news events so I will only say this.

It is the wrong way to think just one way.

Prayers sent .

See y'all!



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  1. Great finds!Love the dress forms (pink one and wire one). I'm going to have to come visit your booth!

  2. I'm happy to see you shopping again! Love the dress and those quilts, well you know they caught my eye!!

  3. AH! I am so happy to see a Friday Finds post from you. I haven't been junking in 2 weeks. I am not even feeling the urge to go out tomorrow. However, I do need a good kick in the pants to get back into my finishing projects mode! :)

  4. Oh the wire form is glorious, I'm working with chicken wire and would love to try my hand at a dress form. I'm trying to be real picky and not fill up the space with stuff that is not that important to me.

  5. Great finds. Love that wire dress form. Glad you had fun junkin😛

  6. I'm always surprised when you fall off the wagon and there's no wagon in the pics! Surely, you would buy the wagon too! I am low on vintage books right now, so I need a find like yours. My kids furniture beeper went off at the first sight of that awesome rocker. I am also woefully low on kids' chairs. Please show the transformation of that washstand. I'm betting it will be awesome! Glad to see you back in action. I'm saving up and resting for next weekend's comicon.

  7. Wow, great bunch of stuff! Love the dress form and dress. I was beginning to worry that you decided to stay at the beach!

  8. You found some great stuff, Miss Early Bird. I'd swipe that little rocker from you. I just got two chairs that I love. And what about that huge birdcage? So cool!

  9. You just can't keep a good thrifter down and you scored big on your fabulous finds! I want everything you found....really!

  10. You got some cool finds! I am laid up and miss "sailing: thru the neighborhoods.

  11. as i have stated before finances keep me from junking so i live through you and i am as jealous as a body can be love everything xx

  12. Like your signs and the sentiment. I would love to find a dress form--to keep (for a while), but haven't come across one in years. You had a good day of pickin' :)

  13. Love the dress form and the pretty dress. Overall I'd say you had a great day of pickin'.

  14. Love all your new finds Donna! My mom and I redid my small space at the mall today, I'm getting ready to write a post about it now.


  15. So many great things, Donna. I like that white rocker. Would be nice with a pretty pillow or a plant.

  16. Donna - you are the Queen of finding such amazing treasures and I especially LOVE the dress form! Can't wait to see what you do with the woven basket!

  17. So many great finds. Love that bamboo cage!

  18. Hi Donna.
    Wow girl what a haul! I am dying over those mannequins and that sweet vintage dress. So much great stuff! Yippee for you☺


  19. Love the street signs! We have a couple that we hung outside on our shop. And church mission sales are the best. I have found some great bargains at the ones in my area!

  20. Donna, some great finds there! I do love the lace dress, and that sweet little shoe form. I wouldn't be able to resist either. Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. You are my most clicked, and featured. Love, Mimi xxx


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