Friday, December 18, 2015

Madonna And Child

Craft, Madonna plaque
It is no secret my love of Madonna and child images, creches, and religious icons.

I decided to create a few for some special people this year.

I used materials in Horror Monster's craft section.

Some wooden banner pieces.

Some sea mist paint.

I went to The Graphics Fairy and found several Madonna and child images I especially liked.

After printing them I paper punched decorative edges.

Mod Podged the images on the front of each board.

Adeste Fideles music on the back.

Added silver leaf - just for the something extra.

Used a silver chenille stem as a hanger. 

I really cannot chose a favorite.

The music image was found at  Knick Of Time.

Thanks, Angie!

I made several and a few extras. (FOR ME)

They are heavy duty for hanging on a big tree or displayed in a tiny corner.

Chucks and I have torn up carpet, polished floors, and bulldozed debris.

In less than a week we must have a family Christmas Eve ready.

We are going for the minimalist look this year.

We found a half-price tree and stuck a few lights and ornaments on it.

AND all my creches and Madonnas are out so let's call it decorating and stick to cleaning.

See y'all!

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  1. I guess I also went minimalist this year. I only put up one tree instead of three :-)

    Glad you still found some time for some fun crafting amidst your chores!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. So beautiful, Donna! I think the silver leafing adds a really nice touch. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve (we're hosting Christmas Eve, too)--

  3. Donna, I love those. I'm with you on the love of the Madonna and Child image. I like them all, but the first one especially. Cheers to the morning after our Christmas Eves! Best wishes for a fun and festive evening.

  4. So pretty!! BUT it made me exhausted just reading what you guys have been doing!!!

  5. So pretty! Have a wonderful Christmas celebration in your clean house!

  6. So pretty Donna! We've gone minimalist this year too but we did manage to get 2 trees up and a few favourite decorations. Enjoy your Christmas Eve!

  7. Sounds like you are ready for Christmas. Love your tags Donna. Interesting to add the music to the back.
    Tearing up carpet up carpet, polished floors, and bulldozed debris ... oh my, that does not sound like fun.
    Christmas Blessings,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. Love very pretty!! I hope you are planning a relaxing've been one busy woman!!

  9. I have a love for the Madonna and Child, too. You've done a beautiful job! Good luck with the cleaning! xoKathleen

  10. Those are gorgeous. Who ever gets one will love it!

  11. Each of them are adorable! Merry Christmas to you!


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