Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stadium Seating

stadium benches, mid-century modern furniture, oak bench with wrought iron legs
Stadium seating for ten or more.

Mid-century modern benches.

Solid oak tops with wrought iron legs.

Atomic Age legs.


We will need the Way Back Machine to find more of these.

I had wanted one like these on the first weekend of the estate sale, but unfortunately the bench in the carport was sold.

Went back two weeks later and stuff had been dragged out of the storage room.

Back behind a vintage car, I spied the legs.

Lying on their tops with their legs in the air, I guess no one had seen what they were.

But I knew.

Under the fertilizer, the degreasing agent, the giant spider webs and eggs, not ONE but TWO.

Two benches.

The guy in charge gave me a price.

I accepted immediately.

It took two of them to pull them from behind the car.

They even loaded them into my truck which was already full.

Thank goodness for a heavy duty tailgate...

and my lovely 1996 Blazer!

Each was washed and scrubbed several times.

Howard's Restor-A-Finish and  Feed-N-Wax.

I did not sand down the distressed marks from years of use.

The wrought iron legs were lightly sanded to remove some rust and then waxed with Minwax.

Chucks and I drove them over to Riverfront Antique Mall where they sit right outside the front door.

The first person to see them thought they were German beer garden benches.

And they do resemble them.

The question for you is:

Did they come from a stadium?

No, the name is just what they are called around here.

One is four feet in length, and the other about eight feet.

Both bargain priced.

Just in case you need stadium seating for ten or more.

See y'all!

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  1. What a find! Can you imagine what you can do with these? I'd like that eight foot one and turn it into an upholstered bench, or not, for a very long wall that I have! Wish you lived near me!

  2. Oh wow!!! What a find!!!! Smart move not sanding the marks. They add so much character. And those hairpin legs! I die!!!!!

  3. Dang girl, your shopping skills are divine. What I wouldn't give to follow you around on one of your excursions in my car, which is also a 1996. (I love my car and will drive it for another 10 years.)

  4. Those would make cool coffee tables! Can't you see the really long one in a New York loft? Of course you could use them for seating....whatev. :D

  5. Great benches Donna ... and they look great with the natural look. You find the neatest things.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. What an amazing find! I can't believe you aren't keeping one! I want to build a farmhouse table and want a bench on one side. I have never seen one with the metal legs like those. I am! I bet they are already gone too! Hope you had a wonderful day...Vicky

  7. Oh my gosh I don't think I could see these, don't know where I would put them, but couldn't part with them. I am drooling too, you know with your great finds i know my hubs would be glad we live far away from each other. Me, not so much!

  8. Oh what a find!!! I would so load those up with flowers and plants on my new front porch!. Just gorgeous Donna!

  9. Awesome find! Good for you for going back and rechecking it out! You did a wonderful job, they look great! Wish I was closer, I would love to use one for my farm table in the kitchen! How you're managing to part with them is unbelievable. Wishing you a big sale for them ♥

  10. These are amazing Donna You shop in all the best places!!!

  11. I love them! What a keen eye you have to be able to spot them the way you did. I'm glad you left the original patina with so much character. I love Howard's Restore A Finish.


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