Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Mug Swap

This is my first Christmas in Blogland and let me tell you it has completely overwhelmed me with the mountains of creative projects out there.  I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Danni Baird at Silo Hill Farm (HERE) suggested to join in the fun with the Christmas Mug Swap sponsored by Heather Kaluf at Heatherly Loves.

Heather assigned each participant a person to send a mug with a goodie or two.

I received this beautifully wrapped package from Pam Layman.  I was thrilled when I saw the package sitting on my doorstep.  I am one of THOSE people.  You know, the ones who sit and admire the wrapping before even touching the gift.


My husband excitedly asked. "What is it?"

To which I replied, "Two very pretty packages!"

He is one of THOSE people who quickly snatches the paper off, looks at the gift, and then puts it away.


In the cellophane bag was this paper-punched box filled with handmade tags tied with baker's twine.  I have already used a bunch of these.

In the envelope was a paper-crafted card which is my current favorite of the season.

In the red box was a tea mug (Winterberry design) with an infuser for your tea!

Somehow Pam knew I was not a coffee drinker!

 Ten out of ten Santas agree that the tea mug is terrific!

Thank you so much, Pam!

 The fun extended to finding the right mug for PJ over at Planned in Pencil.  PJ is here!

Chucks and I traveled at least seven blocks to the big Christmas craft show where we met two very talented potters.  I sincerely wish I remembered their names and could give them credit for their work, but in the rush to pack everything both had forgotten business cards.  They hastily scribbled emails on some of the wrapping paper, but of course I lost it somewhere.  

That is me with Jeordy who designed the mug I picked out with the potter who made it.

 You know me, there has to be torn cotton ribbons and a bottle brush tree in a present.

Suitably wrapped with washi tape and twine.

All reusable, by the way!

This was my face when I read about PJ's adventure at a friend's wedding.

Then I thought, "No, this was PJ's face when she realized what she had done."

 Filled with goodies and packed with a special rant journal for the new year the package made its way to PJ's home - just in time for the holidays!

I thank Pam for my lovely tea mug, PJ for being such a good mugger to buy for, Danni for suggesting I might like to do this, and especially Heather who did all the work!  Go visit Heather on December 17 to see the mugs!

See y'all!

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  1. Oh I know how much you like packaging up surprises! The packaging is always gorgeous from you girl! You've taught me to do better! Love PJ's mug and love the cool tags and tea you got! Thanks for the shout-out, but Heather truly did it all...I just passed along the info!

  2. I truly loved getting your package! I feel bad for my swap recipient. I hastily threw a package together because I didnt have a blog to check out and discover things about them. If they link up I do plan on sending out a second package!!!

  3. Hi Donna. I told you I would pop over and see your site. I am so excited to have a fellow newby in my midst. We can learn together...LOL...I am in love with the mug you had made for your swap. Now I have to go read her blog about her wedding adventure.
    Hope you have a great Christmas, and I look forward to following you into 2013. :)

  4. I'm stopping by from Heatherly Loves Mug Swap today.
    Wow! I love the creativity people put into their swaps. It definitely has given me some ideas.
    I hope you and yours has a Merry Christmas!

  5. Stopping by from the mug swap - love handmade mug and gifts!

  6. Stopping by from the mug swap - love handmade mug and gifts!


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