Monday, November 12, 2012

Faux Mercury Glass Vases

More fake (faux) mercury glass for me.  I do not know why I love this look, but I do.

This is going to be quick because you should know all this from blogland.

This shows the completed set of three vases standing stylishly in the middle of the Thanksgiving decor in the dining room which I promised not to mess up, but that promise has flown out the window.

Yes. I am crafting in the dining room.

I just cannot help it.  That empty room just sitting there doing nothing but looking pretty.  I was careful to not mess it up and promise tonight everything will be packed up and taken off to the antique mall.  

 Okay, you know the drill.  Use your coupon to go purchase Krylon Looking Glass spray.  I chose three glass vases from my cabinet.  (No, I did not purchase these - I have had them for years.)

I set my vases at an angle in a cardboard box to be able to lightly spray the inside.

These vases were for displaying ornaments so I needed transparent, not opaque.

 Each received two light sprays of Looking Glass, one light spray of Tattered Angels Black Magic Mist, and one light spray of Krylon gold glitter paint.

Of course, I cannot leave them plain.

Just wait.

Here is a peek inside to see how the layers look.

I tore out some book pages from a book in the free book pile at the thrift store.

Ran those pages through the crimping tool.

Cut strips.

Rolled them around my finger to curl.

Stuffed the strips into the vases to protect the glass ornaments.
 Around each vase, I ran a strip of double sided tape to attach some silver garland.

On blue ribbon, I strung the word "MERRY" stamped on key tags.

Tied this around the vase.

Tied blue ribbon around the balls.

Finito!  Love the look of the paper curls and the silver balls and the blue ribbon through the fake (I mean, faux!) mercury glass.

Love the key tags!

I have another set to show you.  

Crafting never ends. 

Well,  actually crafting is coming to an abrupt end tomorrow because I just realize this morning that Thanksgiving is next week.  NEXT WEEK!?!  How in the world did that happen!?!  My brother is in charge of Thanksgiving, so I don't have to worry about anything but a dessert, BUT next Friday is when I start decorating for Christmas.  I have not yet completed my October Overhaul!  There has to be some kind of correlation - I started blogging in April and haven't had the time to clean around the house since Spring.  

See y'all!

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  1. These are too pretty....Thanks for sharing! ~Tammy

  2. Great looking pieces! I've been trying to do a project with the looking glass spray but the craft stores I've tried, four to be exact - Michaels and AC Moore doesn't carry it around here. I saw it during the summer at Hobby Lobby and I've been back twice looking for it and they still haven't gotten it back in stock. I'm going to try metallic spray paint and see how that turns out. You have inspired me not to give up on the faux mercury look.

  3. I think you have more than met your overhaul quota! Don't go back, you are making huge strides toward cleaning out and froufing up so many plain and ordinary things. You are working magic! I vote for letting the October overhaul go. I dare it to just try and catch up with you come next October!

  4. Now I want to go to the craft store to get spray pain, thanks!

    :-) I have a few vases sitting in the attic left over from my wedding that may work for this.

  5. So so pretty! I love the MERRY banner too!!

  6. Oh, you can't clean when you blog! You just learn to take tight shots so they only see your wonderful vignette and not the dirty floors and unwashed laundry. When asked if everything in my house is perfect, I tell them only what I point the camera at! lol ~ Maureen

  7. Great idea Donna ... need me some of those tags. They are so cute. Love this idea.

    I though I was the only one that neglected cleaning the house since I started blogging, but I like Maureen's solution to this problem. Fake it !!! Just be sure to clean the spot you are pointed the camera to.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  8. Adorable ! I found you through the DIY Dreamer and would LOVE for you to come share at my weekly blog fest:
    Fresh Eggs Daily

  9. I love this look too and you did a fabulous job with decorating the vases. I bought a can of this spray paint ages ago and still haven't tried of these days. Thanks for sharing your tutorial and for visiting with me:-)

  10. Love those. Very festive, and the blue is a great accent color.

  11. Hi, I love how they turned out. Great job...Connie

  12. It's beautiful - I love the strips from old books.
    Stopping by from "blog stalker" blog hop.

  13. I love your mercury glass and the little balls inside! The silver and blue look so great together....I have yet to find that looking glass spray....darn!

  14. No you were able to conquer at least one room right? I like how you could still see through the glass. Love those tags :) Thank you for sharing at Rustic Restorations Weekend! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  15. I too keep looking for that spray, but never seem to find it!

  16. I found the instructions for this the other day too and is in my list do!! Great job!!


  17. Thanks a lot for this post! Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to add as a “value” to your article, but only because I agree with every word of it Keep up the good work. You just got a new vase centerpieces


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