Monday, May 14, 2012

A Little Less Distressed Table

Remember I made a man in his yard sell me this table because he was abusing her.  He had been using some kind of heavy duty brown glue to work on his house and HAD THE GLUE SPLATTERING ALL OVER HER!!!  I came to the rescue - she had a lovely bluish-green patina where there was not glue.  (Oh, you evil man - I still growl at the thought of what he was doing!)

This is an after picture.  I had to use some Goo Gone, WD40, stripper, and sandpaper, but finally I conquered the glue splatters!  Unfortunately, the beautiful patina also disappeared.  Underneath was a glossy white spray paint and what appeared to be another coat of tan.  This little lady had been distressed practically to the death.  Now, you know me, I love distressed finishes, but this little table begged to be given a decent finish.  I bargained with her and came to a compromise: a slightly distressed look with a very distressed bird image.

Yes. I am painting on the tailgate of Chucks's truck.  Does he know?  No, not unless one of you tell him.  Hey, I did put down some paper!  I had a small can of Sweet Bluette Benjamin Moore paint from the thrift store bin.  (I bought several sample cans of different blues -someone could not make up her mind which color to use.)  I thought this pale blue matched the table's persona.

Here is a small before and after - the legs versus the small bottom shelf.  Don't you love her graceful curves!
I'm sorry the pictures are dark - it was very overcast.

This where she gets a little distressed.  I used a wet reverse transfer with Mod Podge.  (You can see how here:  )

I have fallen in love with this bird nesting in a pink envelope.  Frequent visitors are probably sick of seeing it used, but I might sneak in another project.  Of course it is from The Graphics Fairy.

I really rubbed this hard to get this look and sanded it.  I sealed with a matte spray.  Then used two coats of Minwax paste wax.  I buffed to a low shine.

Here she is ready to go to the shop.  I hope someone takes her home to live on an enclosed porch.  I envision her with a fern on the bottom shelf and family photos on top.  Maybe add a milk glass lamp.

Say bye-bye for now, little bird - I know you will be back another day!

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